Most In-depth Identity Search / Exhaustive SSN, Address, And Name Verification

Verify Applicants With Confidence Using Our Comprehensive Name, Address, and SSN Verification

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Hiring the right talent starts with accurate information. Yet, traditional background checks often miss the crucial step of verifying a candidate's identity, leaving you vulnerable to misinformation. With IdentityCHCKED(TM), gain the confidence you deserve:

  • Eliminate Guesswork: Don't rely solely on what candidates tell you. Verify key identity indicators like Social Security Number, address, and date of birth, ensuring a true picture of who they are.
  • Mitigate Risk: Protect your business from fraudulent resumes and identity theft. Early verification reduces the risk of hiring someone with inaccurate information, safeguarding your organization.
  • IdentityCHCKED(TM) offers fast, efficient, and accurate verification of key identity indicators, empowering informed hiring decisions.
  • Invest in trust and accuracy, choose IdentityCHCKED(TM) for a secure and confident hiring process.
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